Sunday, March 15, 2009

Ides of March Playlist

If you don't know what the term Ides of March refers to, please stop reading and Google "Shakespeare" stat!

I'm on Spring Break this week. Instead of sunbathing on beaches in exotic locales while eying many a hotness monster, I will be catching up on work, catching up on sleep, catching up on Skins, reuniting with old friends, celebrating birthdays, going to the city, and applying for internships. I barely have time for microwaved popcorn! (If you know what that's from, points for you!)

To keep me going, here's a taste of what I'll be listening to all week.

♥ Kelly Clarkson - If I Can't Have You
♥ Britney Spears - Mannequin
♥ Beyoncé - Check on It
♥ RJD2 - Ghostwriter (Remix)
♥ Lily Allen - The Fear
♥ NLT - Karma
♥ Gym Class Heroes - Live a Little
♥ Teddy Geiger - Dandelion
♥ Pussycat Dolls - Jai Ho
♥ Bryan Greenberg - Neverland
♥ Robin Thicke - Cocaine

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Don't Lie. You Know You Love It.

Yes, this is the music video for the Will Smith song Miami. It's winter in New York so I'm wishing I was somewhere warmer right now, preferably Brazil. For some reason I never realized that this video had a salsa dance break at the end. I love how 90s this is with the silky smooth shirt and the rip-away pants -- wait for it! Oh, and in case you were wondering, the girl driving the convertible is Eva Mendes.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Oscar Fashion

This year I really liked everyone's outfits. There was really only one that made me say, "What the hell?" (Jessica Biel --> I did like your hair though.). Here are my favorites of the evening.

The Oscar red carpet was a sea of shades of blue with dashes of metallic silver and gold. My favorite gowns of the evening were worn by Penelope Cruz, Marisa Tomei, Anne Hathaway, Vanessa Hudgens, and Freida Pinto.

Apparently Penelope had seen her dress eight years ago and just happened to find it in the archives last week. It's 60 years old and the perfect dress to win an Oscar in. Be sure to click the photo below to see the detailing in Marisa Tomei's dress. The pleating is just exquisite. Anne didn't go home a winner tonight, but she looked statuesque in her mermaid gown. I love black dresses; I even wore one to prom while everyone else opted for various shades of the rainbow. I'm not a huge fan of Vanessa Hudgens, but I love that she chose this dress. It's amazing. Freida can do no wrong on the red carpet. One award show after another her dresses get better and better, and she chose the perfect dress to cap off the award season with. Congrats.

I must say this, Mickey Rourke is one stylish man. I don't think I've ever seen him in a tie or socks, much less a penguin suit. The Oscars were no different. Mickey showed up decked out in a white suit and black shirt sans tie. He's such a little rockstar. As you can see from the photos below, my British boys Rob Pattinson and Dev Patel went for the classic tux while Emile Hirsch wore a nice suit. All looked smashing and Rob even brought out the Edward Cullen eyes. ;-)

(all photos from

Live Blogging the Oscars ...

The Oscars have now ended and so has the award season. This year was really a great one for movies and I enjoyed every minute of the show. Here are my instant thoughts as the show went on:

Barbara Walters Oscar Special:

  • The brothers Jonas!
  • Haha, Kevin keeping mum about his love life
  • Everything goes back to Finding Nemo
  • Anne Hathaway sounds like my mom right now: Marriage – No; Children – Yes
  • Mickey Rourke – started his career like the second coming of James Dean
  • Mickey Rourke – so stylish
  • Wolverine = “sort of moody Elvis with cutlery” – gotta love Barbara <3
  • People rarely adopt mixed-race children :-(
  • “Well it’s true. I am Australian.”
  • I <3>
  • “The Oscars could do with a little more show and a little less biz. You know what I mean.”
  • No wonder Hugh’s the sexiest man alive.

Oscar Red Carpet:

  • Kate Winslet looks gorgeous in YSL.
  • Love how Tim Gunn had to chase Angelina and Brad on the red carpet. Do they even know who he is?
  • What’s Miley here and what’s she wearing?
  • (After seeing the full length of Miley’s gown) Oh, it’s like a princess thing. Okay.
  • Zac Efron’s hot.
  • Love the pleats on Marisa Tomei’s dress.
  • Love Anne Hathaway’s mermaid dress.
  • Amy Adams looks great as always.
  • Sarah Jessica Parker! Who’s excited for SATC 2? Think about all the clothes!


  • Great Hugh Jackman’s opening number with Anne Hathaway
  • I see Emile Hirsch! Yay!
  • I like this circle of Supporting Actress winners.
  • “It’s not easy being a nun.” Whoopi to Amy Adams
  • Yay! Penelope Cruz won! That’s a great dress to win in.
  • Steve Martin & Tina Fey, lol.
  • Milk’s screenplay won! I love how emotional Sean Penn is during the speech.
  • Steve Martin to Tina Fey: “Don’t fall in love with me!”
  • Adapted Screenplay: Slumdog!!!
  • Jennifer Aniston and Jack Black – oh boy
  • I feel like I’ve seen Jennifer’s dress before.
  • Notice they didn’t show Brad, just Angie. (YuliZ on Twitter: “wonder how many replays of Angelina smiling at Aniston we'll see this week?”)
  • My mom: “I told you Wall-E was going to win.”
  • Now they show Brad and Angie. Is there no one else for the camera to focus on? Put the camera on Sarah Jessica Parker. She looks lovely.
  • Something French won for the short. La Maison en Petits Cubes.
  • Doomo arigato Mr. Roboto. (Jimmy Fallon on Twitter: “Domo. Hilarious.”
  • Benjamin Button won for set design … cool … now show Daniel Craig again <3
  • I like the gown of the girl who escorts the winners of the stage <3
  • And they showed Daniel Craig again <3
  • Costume Design: The Duchess won! Yay! They should. Did you see the hair Keira Knightley wore in that movie. It was serious!
  • Daniel Craig’s still there!
  • “Oh James Bond. I could watch him all night.” – my mom everybody, lol
  • Benjamin Button for Makeup! All right!
  • *Crossing fingers that Daniel Craig’s still on stage when this guy finishes his speech*
  • There’s go
  • Rob Pattinson from Twilight … ooh
  • OMG don’t look at the Edward Cullen eyes … (wafflesgirls on Twitter: “robert pattinson does the twilight gaze in real life lolz”) (sodahead on Twitter: “uh is robert pattinson actually a vampire? i thought that was just a movie”)
  • OMG, Edward has the Erik from Bowling for Soup eyes – don’t ask
  • Love how they showed Twilight at the Oscars
  • HSM 3
  • Nick and Norah?
  • Ooh, clip of Carrie hitting big with the flowers … ooh, show Charlotte yelling at Big
  • I love how they’re showing all these movies that would never be nominated for Oscars at the Oscars
  • Natalie Portman!
  • Oh good, Ben Stiller’s beard’s not real.
  • Slumdog won for cinematography
  • Jessica Biel … what’s she wearing and where’s Justin? (Mom yelling to me: “What the hell is that?) (PumpsandGloss on Twitter: “think Jessica B's dress looks like a wedding dress gone bad! I thought her arm was missing.”) (adamostrow for Twitter: “Oh what on this earth is Jessica biel wearing a toga???”) (buckhollywood on Twitter: “Did Jessica Beil just name drop Thomas Edison? What the hell is this?”) (eye4style on Twitter: “Jessica Biel's dress is Advanced Fashion 505. Not for everyone”)
  • Is this Pineapple Express?
  • Ronald Reagan or Barack Obama lol
  • I <3>
  • James Franco & Seth Rogan = <3
  • Judd Apatow
  • Oh foreign language films, how you trip up James Franco and he’s still cute. <3
  • Oh no, 4 years of your life on a 14 minute movie :-(
  • Yay, another number for Hugh Jackman
  • Beyonce!
  • <3>
  • Who are the other girls?
  • Is that Vanessa Hudgens?
  • Zac and Vanessa: why do they actually sound good?
  • Dominic Cooper! I scream and no one in my house knows who he is?
  • (fasshonaburu on Twitter: “is amused Beyonce is antagonizing Etta James”) (NickyDigital on Twitter: “Is this the Tony's???”)
  • Sandra Bullock. Ryan Reynolds and Betty White … I must see that movie!
  • Time for the Best Supporting Actors! Cuba – show me the money!
  • I’ll say it, “Are you out of your mind!” “The brothers need to work!” lol “Congratulations … on your new film Shaft.” Lmao
  • Mom: “It better be Heath”
  • Heath won!
  • Adrian Brody!
  • Oh Bill Mahr (is that spelt right?)
  • Ooh a magic trick (and I love his worn leather jacket)
  • That’s a lovely shade of red that the Documentary Short winner is wearing
  • Note to self: check out the stories on
  • Jimmy Kimmel and Tom Cruise lol – Tom Cruise: little bad one
  • Hi Daniel Craig … again <3
  • The white pants! (you know what I’m talking about if you’ve seen Quantum of Solace)
  • I love this song!
  • Shia!
  • Angelina Jolie should be a Bond girl … or she should play the female James Bond
  • Will Smith gets to rise from the stage. I love it!
  • “Fans.” Lol … good one Will
  • Benjamin Button won for Visual Effects! Well that was a given.
  • Brad Pitt is so stoic.
  • Dark Knight for Sound Editing
  • Slumdog Millionaire won for
  • I <3>
  • Dev looking adorable.
  • John Mayer and Jennifer Aniston (still looking like she’s about to cry)
  • Film editing: Slumdog Millionaire
  • Mom: “Dev is like ‘Wow’.”
  • Danny Boyle’s so excited. I love it!
  • I love this Heidi/Diet Coke commercial. Who’s the idiot who called her fat?
  • Tim Gunn for Tide following Heidi’s commercial for Diet Coke – Project Runway has officially taken over the Oscars lol.
  • Jerry Louis should hit Eddie Murphy over the head over the Oscar (adamostrow on twitter: “everyone under 40 googles Jerry Lewis”)
  • Note to self: Watch ‘Castle’ on NBD on Monday, March 9
  • Audrey Hepburn mention … points for the Oscars! (tutubelle on Twitter: “MOON RIVER!?!?!?!? please play MOON RIVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!”)
  • Ooh, they ended that montage with
  • Zac Efron again?
  • Slumdog for Original Score! Random thought: Is M.I.A. performing?
  • “Bollywood comes to Hollywood,” as my mom said.
  • John Legend! Oh, that’s why he’s there.
  • Ooh, Dev should go dance with them!
  • I love John Legend singing over this beat. It blends so nicely. <3
  • “See how music can blend,” my mom.
  • Dev all excited, aww. <3
  • Zac!
  • I really want M.I.A. to win an Oscar.
  • Yay! Slumdog won for best song! “Jai Hoh”
  • Charlotte Ronson for JC Penney (and Nicole Miller, Allen Schwartz, Fabulosity, and Bisou Bisou)
  • Brothers & Sisters commercial :: so when they said one of the brothers was going to die, they didn’t mean “brother” they meant “brother-in-law” … guess I don’t have to worry about Justin.
  • Freida! Love the blue dress!
  • Foreign language film: Departures --> Japan
  • Queen Latifah shows Amanda Seyfriend the proper way to wear a bow on a dress.
  • Oh the montage of those who passed away. I wonder if they’ll show Bettie Paige.
  • Paul Newman was so hot – I was looking at something on that showed guys who to dress like a modern day Paul Newman and I was like “wow” and all the nosy people around me were wondering what I was doing online lol.
  • The President of the Academy is abdicating his throne.
  • Reese Witherspoon … I like her dress. Mom doesn’t like her makeup though. ??? (Macala on Twitter: “Is reese witherspoon pregnant? That dress makes her look wide! Hiding what?”)
  • Danny Boyle better win!
  • He did and he’s jumping. Yay!
  • Oh, he was imitating Tigger lol.
  • Who wouldn’t want to be in this club: Sofia, Shirley, Halle, Nicole, Marion
  • Sofia Loren is so poised. Love it!
  • I love Angie’s green jewels.
  • Kate Winslet, welcome to the club!
  • It certainly isn’t a shampoo bottle now, lol.
  • “Dad’s always whistle.” Mom (jimmyfallon on Twitter: “Winslet's dad... gave a great whistle!! He's cool!!!”)
  • Kate’s dad’s all dapper. <3
  • “I think we all can’t believe we were in a category with Meryl Streep.”
  • The Boy’s Club: Rob Deniro, Sir Ben Kinsley, Sir Anthony Hopkins, Michael Douglas, Adrian Brody
  • Best Line by Robert DeNiro: “How for so many years has Sean Penn gotten all those jobs playing straight men?” (proulxsie on Twitter: “I wish I was related to Robert "Bobby D" Deniro. Dude is uncredible.”)
  • Welcome back Mickey Rourke!
  • omg, look at Rob behind Mickey with the Ed Cullen eyes ;-)
  • I have come to the conclusion that Robert Pattinson is Edward Cullen.
  • Sean Penn gets it for Milk! (SarahMorrison on Twitter: “I want to have tons of sex with Sean Penn”)
  • Ooh, Sean Penn with reading glasses --> sexy!
  • Gus Van Sant = <3>
  • Sean Penn getting political! Go for it!
  • Sean Penn calls Barack Obama “an elegant man” … and calls Mickey Rourke “his brother”
  • Best picture goes to Slumdog!
  • I announced it at 11:48 pm … it was awarded at 11:51 pm
  • Good night Hugh Jackman! Nice job hosting!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Oscar Sunday - It's Like the Superbowl, But More Glamourous

In case you haven't heard, tonight the Oscars will take Hollywood by storm.

I can't wait! I'm rooting for Slumdog Millionaire, Mickey Rourke, Kate Winslet, and Heath Ledger. I don't really care as much about the other nominees.

Hugh Jackman is supposed to host the show, and I wish him luck. People are used to comedians hosting the Oscars, but it's good to switch it up. Jackman is a showman and should do well.

What everyone really tunes in to see is who's wearing who. Will Anne Hathaway wear Marchesa? Which designers will dress Brad and Angelina? Will Mickey Rourke wear socks? We'll have to tune in and watch to have these questions answered. For now, if I was going to the Oscars, here's what I would wear.

If I was going with Brad Pitt:

a Marilyn-esque dress, gold shoes, and a curly ponytail

If I was going with Johnny Depp:

a tuxedo corset paired with black pants, red shoes, and a slick hairdo

If I was going solo:

a vintage inspired beaded dress, silver heels, and a messy updo

Which ensemble do you like better?

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Make Way for the 6-Pack

My friends will tell you that I'm a sucker for a guy with a 6-pack, but I also like 6-packs of the music video variety. Below I bring you an emo rapper, a guy who sounds like the second coming of Eminem, the original American Idol, and a love stoned pop star. You know you love it.

Kanye West - Welcome to Heartbreak
I read an article recently that said, "Kanye was always emo." This song definitely shows that. His last album is very moody. People aren't really feelin' it, but I am.

Asher Roth - I Love College
I love college too, but for different reasons than Asher. Does anyone else notice that he sounds like Eminem?

Kelly Clarkson - My Life Would Suck Without You
I love Kelly Clarkson. I love anything she does. I loved her last album even though no one else did. She'll always be my favorite American Idol.

Kid Cudi - Day 'n' Nite
First I showed you Kid Cudi in Welcome to Heartbreak, and now I'm showing him in his own production. I wasn't that into this song at first, but it's definitely growing on me.

T.I. & Justin Timberlake - Dead and Gone
I have no idea what T.I. is saying in this song; I just know Justin's part which is alright with me. I just like pointing East, West and North. Also, whoever thought it was a good idea to put Mr. JT in the middle of nowhere playing a piano is a genius. I also love when he's standing in the intersection because I like to imagine that I'm driving the car instead of T.I. and I'm going to rescue him.

The Veronicas - Burning Up
I know you're thinking, "Huh? The Veronicas are covering a Jonas Brother song?" That's what I thought when I first saw this on Pepsi Smash. Their cover's actually really good and not as teeny-boppery as the original (which I will always adore).

BONUS VIDEO :: Jason Mraz & Colby Caillat - Lucky
A couple of weeks ago Jason Mraz went to my favorite radio station's (Z100) studio to do a live web chat. The week of the chat, you could submit questions for Jason so I asked where he filmed Lucky. I was watching footage of the web chat and he totally answered my question! I was so excited. The answer's Prague by the way.

Rooting for Shaun White

I'm not really a traditional sports lover. Basketball, baseball and football kind of bore me. I'd rather watch beach volleyball, tennis (if Nadal or the Williams sisters are playing) and Xtreme Sports.

This weekend is the last Winter Dew Tour stop. So sad. Now I have to wait until June for Summer Dew Tour to start.

Of course my favorite snowboarder at Dew Tour is Shaun White. I really didn't know who he was until he took home the gold in the 2006 Winter Olympics. Since then I always root for him in the summer and winter X-games.

He's been doing well at the first ever Winter Dew Tour. Let's hope he wins the Dew Cup.

Now get to know Shaun as he talks about tricks, music, fame and Dew Tour.

Part 1


Part 2